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The moon rules the moods and emotions. The placement of the moon in your chart determines your inner self; it shapes your soul and what you need to feel emotionally secure. It controls what goes on below the surface of your personality. The moon sign may influence how strongly your sun sign is expressed, which is why people with the same zodiac sun sign may behave differently. If Virgo is your moon sign, that means the moon was traveling through Virgo when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your moon sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine your moon sign.


Virgo Moons have emotions that are analytical in nature. They appreciate structure, detail, and organization, as routines help them think more clearly. For the most part, people of this sign find emotional security when things are tidy, planned, and structured. In fact, a Virgo Moon may very much enjoy running errands or completing small tasks. Virgo is also known to be a sign of servitude, so Virgo Moons tend to have an inherent emotional need to serve themselves and others. They feel good when they help their friends, often guiding them through problems and offering practical solutions.

Being an earth sign, Virgo Moons prefer to focus on tangible things rather than dream about “what could be.” They are known to be practical, health-conscious, and skeptical, people who analyze their thoughts and feelings rather than deeply “feel” them. There is a sense of humility to this sign, as Virgos are likely to be just fine with working behind the scenes. In relationships, a Virgo Moon needs someone who can offer an organized and practical setting. They value cleanliness, good health, and routine in a partner, and they will typically show their feelings through actions rather than words.

Positive Traits:

One of the best traits of a Virgo Moon is their keen eye for detail. They love to focus on small things and find pleasure in making sure that every detail is perfect. This sign is also very down-to-earth, usually liked by others for their ability to remain calm and composed for most of the time. Their knack for serving people makes them great friends. Virgo Moons are also very health-conscious, so they are known to be clean and healthy people.


The analytical nature of Virgo may make a Virgo Moon overly critical, shy, and neurotic at times. Being so focused on details, this sign may criticize themselves and others too much. They may constantly feel like they haven’t done enough and may be too aware of their bodies, which can cause them to develop a low self-esteem. It would be beneficial for Virgo Moons to fully recognize how useful and important they are so as to avoid this. Virgo Moons also may be prone to nagging, worrying, and complaining due to their tendency to overanalyze. If this is the case, they should let themselves take time out to relax. It would be good for them to loosen up more, so as to avoid staying in their comfort zone too much.

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