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The moon rules the moods and emotions. The placement of the moon in your chart determines your inner self; it shapes your soul and what you need to feel emotionally secure. It controls what goes on below the surface of your personality. The moon sign may influence how strongly your sun sign is expressed, which is why people with the same zodiac sun sign may behave differently. If Aquarius is your moon sign, that means the moon was traveling through Aquarius when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your moon sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine your moon sign.


Aquarius Moons feel things in a conceptual and intellectual way. They are more concerned about mental functions rather than messy emotions, as they prefer to “think” rather than “feel.” However, this doesn’t mean Aquarius Moons aren’t emotional; they just are more comfortable using objectivity and reason when it comes to feelings. This may make them appear detached in the eyes of others, as they tend to withdraw from emotional experiences.

These people are quirky, independent, unconventional, and rebellious. They have an inner need to be completely true to themselves, regardless of whether it makes them appear “normal.” They are experimental by nature and like to partake in edgy and daring new experiences. Aquarius Moons usually feel like they don’t fit in with the regular crowd, but they don’t care if others approve of their actions. This isn’t always apparent on the surface, but when it is revealed, it serves to be very refreshing to people; Aquarius Moons are often well-liked for being open-minded and different. They also are known to be humanitarians, as this sign loves to help people. When helping others with emotional matters, Aquarius Moons do so from a distance, with an objective, concise analysis (unless there are a lot of watery elements in their chart). Also, being a fixed sign, they can be quite stubborn with their opinions, but Aquarius is more open to change than others because it is ruled by Uranus.

Aquarius Moons have an inner need for freedom and independence. They achieve emotional fulfillment when they feel like they are truly themselves, able to be whoever they want to be. In fact, they may frequently feel the need to break away or rebel from the norm. Aquarius Moons are also very passionate about helping others and feel best when establishing equality and space in everyone’s lives.

Aquarius Moons are very intelligent, as Aquarius is an air sign. They typically have a futuristic outlook on life, possessing many innovative ideas. In fact, they may get bored easily because they process information so quickly. People of this sign are known to be natural humanitarians and egalitarians, often involved in philanthropic endeavors. They are incredibly observant because they love to analyze others and figure out why people act the way they do. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and upheaval, Aquarius Moons may experience spontaneous changes in their lives frequently.

In relationships, Aquarius Moons need someone who understands their need for individuality and freedom. They crave a partner who can embrace their unconventional attitudes, be their BFF, and get along with their close friends.

Positive Traits:

One of the best traits of an Aquarius Moon is their eccentricity. They don’t care much about “fitting in” and will stay true to themselves. People love this about them, as Aquarius Moons provide a bit of quirkiness in the lives of others. Still, they have a cool and calm demeanor about them, which is refreshing to be around. Their sense of equality and objectivity makes them a good voice of reason.


Aquarius is one of the least emotional signs, so Aquarius Moons can be quite detached. They may have trouble dealing with deep emotions and empathizing with others. In relationships, they may forget to make their partners feel loved and special. The fixed quality of this sign also makes them quite stubborn, which can get frustrating to those around them. Sometimes, their quirkiness may push boundaries too far and offend others.

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