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The moon rules the moods and emotions. The placement of the moon in your chart determines your inner self; it shapes your soul and what you need to feel emotionally secure. It controls what goes on below the surface of your personality. The moon sign may influence how strongly your sun sign is expressed, which is why people with the same zodiac sun sign may behave differently. If Leo is your moon sign, that means the moon was traveling through Leo when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your moon sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine your moon sign.


Leo Moons have passionate, expressive emotions. There is an inner fire to them, as they tend to have a flair for the dramatic (Leo is a fire sign, after all!). Though this sign is known to love the “spotlight,” a Leo Moon may not necessarily crave the praise of the public. They may actually prefer this attention in more comfortable settings, like within their family or close group of friends. At home, Leo Moons are known to make big emotional displays, enthusiastically getting their feelings and points across. They are ultimately children at heart; people who are lovers of spontaneity and fun.

With the Lion being the symbol of Leo, Leo Moons carry a sense of pride and dignity with them. They demand a certain kind of respect from others, and, if offended, may be prone to holding grudges (due to the fixed quality of this sign). This is also a very creative position of the Moon, so people with this placement may have a desire to create art or entertain others. They may even find an emotional outlet through performance, as their intensity of feeling needs somewhere to go!

A Leo Moon is most emotionally fulfilled when experiencing romance and praise from others. Leo is a sign of romance, so Leo Moons have a lot of love to give and receive. Also, as a fixed sign, Leo Moons want stability in their relationships. Ultimately, they need a partner who adores them completely and makes them feel special. This sign will be intense and loyal when given proper affection and reassurance from a partner.

Positive Traits:

One of the best traits of a Leo Moon is their ability to cheer others up with their optimistic attitude. They try hard to keep up their enthusiasm and rarely allow themselves to show negativity. Leo Moons also have a sense of fairness and justice to them, which makes them natural leaders. Overall, this sign is loyal, generous, and trustworthy.


With their tendency to fall into leadership positions, Leo Moons can be a bit bossy and even self-centered. It would be beneficial for them to step down and let others take the reins sometimes. Also, due to the pride of the Lion, Leo Moons don’t show much vulnerability, so it’d be good for them to loosen up a little and let things flow. The fixed quality of this sign may make them prone to being stubborn.

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