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The moon rules the moods and emotions. The placement of the moon in your chart determines your inner self; it shapes your soul and what you need to feel emotionally secure. It controls what goes on below the surface of your personality. The moon sign may influence how strongly your sun sign is expressed, which is why people with the same zodiac sun sign may behave differently. If Libra is your moon sign, that means the moon was traveling through Libra when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your moon sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine your moon sign.


The emotions of a Libra Moon are centered around peace and romance. With the Scales of Justice as the symbol of Libra, Libra Moons tend to have emotions that are balanced. These people are diplomatic and impartial by nature, always looking at both sides of an argument. They can be quite indecisive, as Libra Moons want to weigh all the pros and cons of their options.

Due to their need for balance, Libra Moons don’t like conflict and disharmony in their emotional lives. They are often people pleasers, individuals that try their hardest to cooperate with others. Being a cardinal sign (which indicates action), Libra Moons usually feel the need to take action to restore emotional harmony. They lead with their head rather than their heart, as Libra is an air sign.

Libra Moons yearn for partnership and romance, as Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. In fact, their emotional security is often determined by their relationships with others. They have an inherent need to connect with others, as an abundance of friends and love makes them feel valuable. Libra Moons are constantly looking for a person that “completes” them, someone who complements their personality and can experience life with them graciously. They also have a keen eye for design and aesthetics, as Venus rules beauty.

Positive Traits:

One of the best traits of a Libra Moon is their strong sense of justice. They make great diplomats and can deal with any situation fairly. This is also a very charming sign, as Libra is ruled by Venus. Libra Moons draw emotional security from getting along with people, so they are known to be very cooperative and compromising for the needs of others. Their natural design skills also gives them a deep understanding of aesthetics.


Because of their need for balance, Libra Moons may struggle with indecisiveness. They often waste time considering all sides of a problem, sacrificing a valuable opportunity while doing so. They also may have a strong dependence on others, for they feel incomplete when alone. They might overemphasize the importance of being in a relationship and act out of character just to avoid separation. Also, their need to please people may make a Libra Moon put the wants of others before their own, which can lead to passive aggressiveness.

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