Cancer: The Crab

June 21st - Jul 22nd

Symbol: Crab
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Ruler: Moon
House: Fourth

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and people born under this sign are all about home. Cancers are "roots" kind of people, loving the comforts of family and home. Cancer is considered the "mother" of the zodiac, so people with this sign are typicall maternal, domestic, and nurturing. Their family will most likely be large as well. Cancers are happiest when their home life is peaceful and serene.

Traditions are very important to Cancers, as the fourth house rules home and memory. They appreciate family history and communal activities. This house placement also gives them a really good memory, which may make them emotional at times. This sign wears their heart on their sleeve, which is okay by them.

The symbol of Cancer is the Crab, and just like this shelled creature, Cancers are quick to retreat if their mood pushes it. This may make them seem moody to others, as they keep their emotions inside and have difficulty sharing their true feelings. The best way to get Cancers to come out of their shells is to give them time.

As the cardinal quality is attached to this sign, Cancers are usually the first to laugh and the first to cry. Likewise, the shell of the Crab isn't the only tough things about Cancers. They are strong-willed - tenacious to get their own way. If kindness doesn't work, they may resort to manipulation to get what they want. If neither works, they may retreat and sulk, but their ultimate goal is just to protect their home and loved ones.

Being ruled by the Moon, the "Great Mother" of the heavens in old times, this gives Cancers their maternal instincts. This may come as overprotective, but that's just the way of the Crab. The moon also rules emotions, so Cancers have plenty of moods. As water is Cancer's element, emotions may be quite a splash, just like waves in the ocean. They can cry a river if so inclined, and typically are.

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cancer crab


Since Cancer is ruler of the heart and all its matters, love is taken very seriously with this sign. As a sensitive, sometimes insecure sign, Cancers need reassurance and lots of stability. This attracts them to successful, confident people. They need a parter that is honest, trustworthy, and nurturing. It also is imperative that their partner gets along with the Cancer's family, for they live for family time with their loved one. This sign is not into casual flings - they want security and closeness, a combination of tenderness and toughness. Falling in love is very serious to a Cancer - their sensitive nature makes it hard for them to open up to partners. Once they do open up, however, they're in it for the long haul.

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Friends and Family

Since this zodiac sign has strong familial and traditional values, Cancers make great parents. Family comes first to this sign. They have a devotion to their family members and are willing to sacrifice great lengths to keep peace in their home. They also are very sentimental, so it is common for a cancer to keep family albums and ancestral history.

Even though family is a Cancer's first priority, they also appreciate friendships. They won't turn down a friend's request for help, unless it conflicts with family duties. Their close friends will share their love of house parties and visiting. Some friends may not understand the depth of a Cancer's emotions, but it is not something they should wory about. Spending more time with a Cancer with fix that.

Career and Money

In the workplace, a Cancer's greatest strength is intuition. They know which way projects will go and can also easily read people. Being the sign most closely associated with maternity, Cancers are respected as the manager that guides and nurtures their colleagues. Their people skills allow them to choose people who will flourish in their careers.

Within their careers, however, Cancers must learn to take emotion out of the equation. A Cancer's emotional connection to a project can sometimes be an asset, but it may also be a downfall at times. If they disagree with a project, they may come off as passive-aggressive and moody. Separating emotions from assignments will help Cancers succeed.

Cancers don't typically like the structure of office life, so it is common that they produce their best work on their own time. They like to work hard and making a job well done, however they may stray away from working in a team because of time-consuming interpersonal problems. This sign needs to feel like they can work on their own schedules. Though this makes good mangement material, they may sometimes hold long grudges with colleagues.

Cancers do not usually strive for fame and fortune, so they may sacrifice a career to balance work and life the way they want to. They hate work drama, though sometimes they take part in it if their feelings are overlooked or hurt. A Cancer will excel in a career that allows them to work their own hours and take charge. In terms of money, Cancers want a job that will cover the cost of the comforts of their home. They will spend their money on well-made items and buy with their heart. They don't strive to be the welathiest, for once their needs are provided for, they are satisfied to spend time with their loved ones.

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