The Water Signs water

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Positive traits: Intuitive, artistic, emotional, empathetic

Similar to the element itself, Water signs are flowing, fluid, and wavering. This also applies to their feelings; emotions are the most powerful in Water signs.

Watery people are sensitive and intuitive. They feel more deeply than others. This element is nurturing like a river; they run deep. These individuals base their actions on sense rather than intellect or logic, for how things feel is what matters most to them. Water is also associated with understanding and compassion, so the receptive skills of these people are very excellent. Water signs can fully understand the emotions of others and help them find a solution to feel better.

People born under these signs love to express themselves through art. They love aesthetically pleasing things and want others to appreciate the beauty.

On the negative side, these people may falter if they are stagnant. Water signs feel most fulfilled when they help others, and they do so in a considerate, almost romantic way. These signs may also worry often and be moody. At their worst, they can be controlling, spaced-out, and self-indulgent. However, this knack for dreaming can allow them to see things more clearly than others. This might even extend to a psychic type of sense.

Overall, the Water signs are empathetic, receptive, and emotional. Both good and bad, these people feel emotions deeply and intensely.

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