The Moon moon

Energy: Feminine
Sign: Cancer
House: Fourth
Changes sign every 2-3 days

The Moon is the ruler of our emotions. Our instincts, mood swings, feelings, and how our feelings affect others are all controlled by the Moon. While the Sun represents our spirit, the Moon is our soul.

The Moon symbolizes motherhood. It speaks to womanhood and their role as nurturer. Pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth are controlled by the Moon. The Moon shines its silver glow on our beginnings, all the way back to when we were children.

Our feelings set the atmosphere for our everyday lives. The Moon plays a part in this cycle, making us strong at one point and delicate the next. Its energy controls all of these varied emotions, ensuring that we make ourselves complete. The moon represents what we want deep down, using our memories from the past as a part of it.

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