Jupiter Jupiter

Energy: Masculine
House: Ninth, Twelfth
Changes sign every 12-13 months

Jupiter is associated with higher learning, the abstract mind, religion, philosophy, and exploring ideas. This planet helps us formulate our ideology. Jupiter is all about searching for ideas, and if that means searching the whole world for it, that’s why this planet also rules long-distance travel. Similarly, Jupiter also pushes us to assess our ethical and moral values, as well as our optimism.

Jupiter also rules luck and good fortune. This planet is benevolent and generous, wanting us to flourish in a positive direction. Though Jupiter can be judge and jury, it is mostly trying to help us, making sure that we’re going the right way. Alhough accomplishments, prosperity, and success are all associated with this planet, it can also lean towards laziness (at its worst, Jupiter can be related to weight gain!). However, Jupiter will guide us down a rosy path most of the time.

Leisure time is also associated with Jupiter. Sports, games, and a walk in the neighborhood with the family pet (Jupiter likes animals) are all ruled by this planet. Jupiter predicts excellent wealth, both in the material sense and other ways. Overall, Jupiter is a good planet to have in the heavens.

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