Sagittarius: The Archer

November 22nd - December 21st

Symbol: Archer
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Ruler: Jupiter
House: Ninth

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, which is home to the wanderers. Sagittarians seek the truth and believe that the best way to receive it is to hit the road and talk to others for answers. Knowledge important to these people; it is essential to their broad-minded views on life. They are very interested in religion and philosophy and strive to figure out the meaning of their lives and how to achieve it while still feeling free.

The Archer is the symbol of Sagittarius, which is more specifically a centaur firing arrows. In ancient Roman times, centaurs were the intellectuals of society, and Sagittarians tend to be just that in this modern day. Sagittarians are clear thinkers and tend to view the big picture rather than the small details. They appreciate it when others agree with their well-thought-out views, but if challenged, the Sagittarius may be blunt and argumentative. However, they are not stubborn. Due to the mutable quality of this sign, Sagittarians will listen to what others have to say and take it into consideration.

In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the King of the Gods, and most Archers resonate with this as well. Sagittarians are generous and fair like noble leaders. They are always searching for knowledge and trying to find answers. Due to their unwavering optimism, however, Sagittarians may be a bit outspoken in their beliefs.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and similar to how fires can spread fast and uncontrollable, so can the Archer by flitting from one thing to the next without looking back. They also are quick to gamble on things because they feel both smart and lucky. Their luck comes from Jupiter, as this planet is associated with luck and good fortune.

Though the Sagittarius loves to explore (which is then translated through their teachings and philosophies), this sign needs to be aware of their tendency to procrastinate. It's also important to give Sagittarians the freedom to explore their world. If they feel caged in, they will be difficult and impatient. They also may be self-indulgent because things come very easily to them due to their sociable and charming personality.

Sagittarians are all about adventure and action, so they tend to have quite the stamina. Due to their outgoing and fast-paced nature, they may overstep boundaries by not thinking before the speak and hurting others' feelings. However, a Sagittarian's words inspire others most of the time. They attract people easily because they just fun. People born under this sign tend to be athetlic, and if they're not, they're athletic in the metnal sense. These people are overall optimistic, generous, and open. They strive to share knowledge with others through their explorations and research.

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Sagittarians are very full of contradictions when it comes to love. Although they are always striving for divine inspiration, Sagittarians have a lust for the "earthly pleasures" of life. The Centaur is governed by both enlightened thinking and animal instincts, so this sign is torn in two directions in love.

Sagittarius is the zodiac's free spirit, the comfortable traveler on the road. Even though they hate feeling tied down, they want a soulmate to travel and experience the world with them. Their partners must share the huge appetite they have for life. This can be hard to find, so many Sagittarians can be single for long amounts of time. When they actually do get into relationships, though, they are all consuming at first.

Being a fire sign, Sagittarians puts their all in for love with great force. Being ruled by expansive Jupiter, they are big dreamers and strive to create huge projects. This sign thinks BIG with all that they do (like Sagittarians Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney). They need a partner that has enough vision to encourage the Archer but is also grounded enough to reassure them in this way.

This is a late-blooming sign, so Sagittarians may be notorious bachelor(ette)s in their early years. The Archer is the sign of the hunter, and the chase thrills them. With the Sagittarian's humor and honesty, however, they rarely make enemies, and many exes may become close friends to them. Being the optimist of the zodiac, Sagittarians always see their partner's potential, but must be weary that their mate is dedicated to fulfilling it. This sign is one of the most generous of the zodiac, so they will easily share financial resources to help their partners. Wearing these rose-colored glasses may drain the Sagittarian's emotions and bank account if they are not weary of this.

Overall, Sagittarians should be careful to not let physical attraction shadow how their partner truly is. Sharing knowledge is one thing, but being a life coach will prove draining. Hope is an addiction to Sagittarius, and they must be aware of this in order to achieve the best results. Thankfully, Sagittarius is the zodiac's luckiest sign, so they are very resilient and are constantly thrown great opportunities.

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Friends and Family

Wherever they go, Sagittarians have an abundance of friends. This is because people born under this sign are amusing and vivacious. They are able to start the party and others gravitate towards them bnecause of this. The Archer is just a lot of fun to be around and make even the most boring situations fun. Since they appreciate different cultures and races, this sign has no difficulty creating lasting friendships with diverse groups.

Sagittarius is also devoted to family and are very willing to help relatives in need. Friends and family of a Sagittarius must respect the Archer's freedom and independence, however, for that is the key to a harmonious relationship with a Sagittarius. Liberty is one of the most important things to the Archer.

Career and Money

Sagittarians thrive in their work-life balance. They work hard and push themselves to their max, only if they love their job. They work hard so that they can then play hard. However, if the Archer is not interested in their job, it is very apparent. They cannot fake enthusiasm, so it common for a Sagittarius to be an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

In terms of work ethic, Sagittarians will get the job done. Although, it is very important that they have flexibility. They thrive when their boss gives the freedom to come and go as they please. The Archer tends to procrastinate, but they are great at pulling through in the last mintue. They simply work their best when on the adrenaline of finishing a project in a short amount of time. Colleagues and count on a Sagittarius, but it is important that they do not hover over thier shoulders.

Sagittarians don't usually partake in workplace drama, for they prefer to get work out of the way and focus on their "real" life. The Archer is a level-headed boss that wants the best for their workers and understands the importance of going home at reasonable time to indulge in their "real" lives. They view money as a tool and aren't prone to stockpiling cash in their bank accounts. Though it's nice to not be motivated by money, Sagittarians still need a financial system in place in order to afford things.

Money comes to a Sagittarius quite easily since they have a wide array of skills that can be used to make cash. They know how to hustle when they need to and may make or lose many fortunes in their lifetime. Due to this feast or famine nature of the Archer, it could be useful if some safeguards for money are in place, in case of a rough patch.

Overall, Sagittarians see work as a part of their life, but not their whole life. They view success where family, fun, friends, travel, and work all coexist equally. If a Sagittarius loves what they do, in their eyes, they are winning at life. The archer wants a life with relaxation, travel, and work that they are passionate about.

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