Virgo: The Virgin

August 23rd - September 22nd

Symbol: Virgin
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Ruler: Mercury
House: Sixth

The sixth sign of the zodiac is Virgo, to be exact, and that's just how they like it: exacting. People born under their sign are constantly the butt of jokes for being critical and picky, but their attention to detail is all because they want to help others. Virgos were born to serve and doing so brings them great pleasure. They were practically made for the job, as Virgos are known to be methodical, industrious, and efficient. Their sense of duty is all for the greater good.

Because of the Virgo's adept analysis of details, most of the people born under this sign are very neat and clean. They like material possessions and tend to be picky about the things they bring into their lives. This may come off as self-centered, but Virgos simply want to surround themselves with what's right for them. They can be very health conscious and must be cautious not to fall into hypochondria.

The symbol of Virgo of is the Virgin, but this should not be taken literally. Virgos take qualities of the Virgin, as in humanity and modesty. Some may think they are repressed, but Virgos view it as a noble quality. They love to explore logical and practical ideas.

Virgos are amazing at fact-finding because of their attention to minute details. They are great in the workplace because they will notice every detail, getting projects done the first time, every time. With their mutable quality, Virgos are also very balanced and fair in their assessments of people and situations.

Mercury rules this sign, and like in Roman mythology, Mercury was not stagnant. This god was full of energy, both mentally and physically, and that is true to the Virgin as well. A Virgo's brain will be in overdrive most of the time, which is why they are so productive. As Mercury also rules communication, this sign is very good at communicating and using their mental acuity to its best.

Because of all of this brainpower, however, Virgos may over-think and be sketpical of situations. On the bright side, Virgos can lessen their worst impulses by carefully analyzing them. The element of this sign is earth, so Virgos are more grounded and earthy compared to other signs.

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Choosing love can be a challenge for Virgos because they have high standards. Most Virgos prefer to be alone rather than settle. If someone doesn't meet all of their critera, a Virgo will drop a potential partner quickly. The problem, however, is that some Virgos may be a bit too picky and barely give anyone a chance.

Virgos will analyze people deeply, noticing every detail about their partner. This is because Virgos can be incredibly hard on themselves - it is important that they learn to cut others more slack. There is also a childlike innocence about Virgos - no matter how wild they act, there is always a bit of old-fashioned romance within them. They want the full fantasy, a dashing suitor that sweeps them off their feet (or vice-versa). They appreciate simple, sweet gestures in romance. However, a Virgo's partner must also pass their long checklist of qualities. They expect their mates to be clean, respectful, loyal, and intelligent.

Virgos can either be very reluctant to reveal their emotions or very easy to dump out all their baggage. Either way, Virgos must learn to find a balance between the two. They should open up a little, but not too much at first. Virgos want to be courted and do not typically indulge in flings. They want the real thing. However, as the sign of the helper, people born under this sign need to be needed. This may cause them to fall for a "fixer-upper" that will leave the virgo unsupported and drained. To keep this in check, Virgos must be certain they aren't falling in love with a person's potential.

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Friends and Family

When it comes to friends and family, Virgos love to help those that they love. They are happy to be of assistance to the people they care about and will take on responsibilties for them. Whether it be taking care of the elderly or washing the dishes after mealtime, friends and family can depend on a Virgo. People born under this sign ar able to give good insight and constructive advice to their loved ones. They are caring and devoted to both friends and family and often remind them to look after their health. However, Virgos are not neccessarily verbally expressive of their love. It is mostly shown through their actions.

Career and Money

Because of the perfectionistic nature of Virgos, people born under this sign are a reliable asset in the workplace. They are able to analyze the big picture while also focusing on the small details in prjects. However, perfectionism may also be a Virgo's downfall at work, for they may delay projects in order to make them "good enough" in their eyes.

Virgos love to work and especially enjoy taking on projects. As a leader, they may be quiet, motivating their team without big lectures. They like to lead by example instead. They expect just as much effort from their co-workers as they put in. This sign doesn't cause drama in the workplace and also loves to work solo. They don't enjoy multi-tasking and typically take their work home with them (which may annoy those that they live with). This sign likes to be their own motivator, remote jobs are ideal for most Virgos. They want to be in control of what they do.

Virgos also have a rep for being good at saving money, which is true most of the time. Since impulsive Mercury rules this sign, Virgos may sometimes just want to spend. Though this sign loves working hard simply for hard work's sake, they can be quite fond of the paycheck that comes from it. Virgos don't buy material goods to impress others, they like to splurge for the sake of themselves. Overall, Virgo's smart spending coupled with their hard work usually results in a big paycheck.

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