Mercury mercury

Energy: Neutral
Sign: Gemini, Virgo
House: Third, Sixth
Changes sign every 3-4 weeks

Mercury, associated with the winged messenger of the gods, rules communication, awareness, and intellect. It governs our reasoning, logic, ways of thinking, and how we express our thought processes.

Mercury is all about motion and restlessness. It is associated with quick thinking, quick wit, opinions, possibilities, and rationality. The energy of Mercury can be positive or negative, but either way, it is energizing. Mercury is both perceptive and dexterous. Similarly, this planet pushes us to move from one thing to the next and to find answers in the physical and mental plane.

Mercury is also associated with short trips, like a weekend getaway, a quick trip to see a friend across town, etc. Siblings, transportation, writing, speaking, online communications, and learning are all connected to this planet.

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