Libra: The Scales

September 23rd - October 22nd

Symbol: Scales
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Ruler: Venus
House: Seventh

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and it is at this point in the procession that a shift occurs. The first six signs of the zodiac are based on the individual, whereas the last six signs focus on the individual's contact with the world and others. Therefore, Libras are focused on other people and how they relate to them. They do not want to be alone, everything is better to them as a pair.

The Libra symbol is the Scales, which means people born under this sign like things to be balanced. Libras see things objectively; they want what's best for everyone. Because of this, Libras tend to hate conflict. They try to do everything in their power to maintain peace and harmony, which may make them very indecisive. If it allows them to avoid confrontation, Libras will do it (or not do it, depending on the situation).

Libra has a cardinal quality, meaning they are good at strategizing, organizing groups, and getting projets done. This also makes them companionable and sociable people. Libra is ruled by Venus, and like in Roman mythology, Libras try to please. They like to indulge in artistic, beautiful things.

As an air sign, this sign tries to reach higher, as in the higher mind. Libras like to put their mind to work and communicate intriguing ideas to others. People born under this sign are cultured and they love beautiful people, which is why they enjoy things like theater, cocktail parties, ballet, etc.

Libras are just generally pleasant people to be around. They know how to make others comfortable and are great at charming conversation. They also love to get to know other people, as they love to be around others. In terms of conflict, they make a fair argument, as they are all about diplomacy and compromise. They are not manipulative and don't like to fight, they just want to communicate and talk things through. In some situations, Libras may get lazy, as they need a social component to most tasks in order to be energized about it. Overall, though, a Libra's greatest strength is their natural-born fairness and drive for peace and harmony.

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Libras love flirting, romance drama, and first dates. They excel at charming others, however, they have trouble figuring out what they want. In relationships, Libras may get lost in a relationship, unsure of what it is they're striving for. Due to this, Libras occasionally prevent themselves from falling in love, as they are worried that a relationship equals loss of self. A partner of a Libra should be understanding if they pull back, for Libras may need space to explore the relationship on their own terms.

People born under this sign are unlikely to rush into a relationship. As very rational people, Libras will often weigh pros and cons, thinking far into the future. Libras definitely like to talk about the future and value these conversations with partners as a way of shaping a rich life together.

Libras were born to please, and in relationships, this may result in misunderstandings. Since this sign despises conflict, Libras may want their partner to plan date nights. Libras will definitely have ideas, but they are sensitive to criticism and worry that their partner will not enjoy what they want. It's crucial that a Libra must become equal with their partner and realize they are not solely responsible for their partner's happiness.

Since Libras hate conflict, it is not wise for a partner to accuse or shout at them. By using phrases like "I feel," Libras will feel more secure knowing that their mate is only feeling upset right now. People born under this sign are also very passionate, so they need both physical and mental turn-ons. They love back-and-forth texting and especially like fantasies. To a Libra, exploration of new fantasies is very sexy.

It is very common for Libras to fall for fire signs because these signs will make Libras raise their voice and speak out. Libras are drawn to this drama; though they are always playing meditator and peacekeeper, passionate fire signs give them a zest of something new. They love impulsiveness in these signs and tend to be more honest wiht each other because they both view life very practically.

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Friends and Family

Libras are very sociable. Because of this, they often will organize outings and gathering for both friends and family. Libras can naturally create a comfortable atmosphere for their guests, which makes them very charming. They are sought after as meditators from their peers and prove to be very helpful and fun to be around. Due to their nature, however, Libras may tend to be late to events. In terms of family, Libras may cause guilt between family members without meaning to. As they always want harmony, they may agree with parents and siblings to avoid conflict, causing tensions between family members. It is important that they return to solitude to figure out their own views on things. Once they know their inner self, they can make great parents and rolemodels.

Career and Money

In careers, Libras are great at imagination and balance. If this sign is working in a team for something they believe in, their job is fun. They love to dream of new projects and challenges. However, due to a Libra's love for peace, standing up for themselves in the workplace may be a problem. Libras hate to make others uncomfortable, so they may hold their tongue when it comes to constructive feedback or hard truths.

Libras work best in low-drama atmospheres where they can trust their co-workers. In more formal situations, it may be hard for Libra because they may have difficulty navigating boundaries between co-workers or the bpeople they manage. Though this sign avoids drama, they love to hear and talk about it, making every day their own personal soap opera.

As a creative sign, Libras will sometimes try to find side projects to do on their own if they feel unchallenged. They like to find their own way through their work and consider the big picture more important than the details. A Libra will thrive in a career that allows creativity and self-expression. They don't mind the spotlight and may also enjoy a senior job title.

In terms of money, Libras may have a hard time connecting their skills with money. Libras see work as fun, so they may have trouble asking for a larger salary. This makes them uncomfortable, as money is an iffy topic socially. Thankfully, though, a Libra's resourcefulness, charm, and love of luxury will motivate them for a flood of paychecks.

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