The Air Signs air

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Traits: Intellectual, sociable, communicative, analytical, curious

Air signs are abstract and intellectual thinkers. They love to probe, analyze, and synthesize. If you have a problem, an Air sign is sure to figure it out for you.

These people are associated with communication. They want to inform others and it’s not usually fluff. They are keen, alert, and curious individuals. Air signs think the world is quite interesting, as shown through their abstract analysis and interpretations of society. These individuals are smart and inventive. They have the talent of being able to see all sides of a problem objectively. Balance is very important to these signs.

Air signs can be calm and collected, but they may turn sour if things aren’t balanced. Nevertheless, they are humane and possess the ability to put themselves in another’s shoes. They are cooperative, objective, and truly want to improve the world. These signs are not prejudiced; they are simply bright and idealistic.

Overall, Air signs are open, intellectual, communicative, and clever. Though they can blow hot or cold often, they possess intelligence and objectivity.

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