Leo: The Lion

July 23rd - August 22nd

Symbol: Lion
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Ruler: Sun
House: Fifth

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign are usually impossible to miss, for they love the center stage. Making an impression is their number one priority, and through their personal magnetism, it's easy for them. They are ambitious and their individuality pushes them to accomplish a lot. Leos are typically very talented and radiate warmth and enthusiasm.

This sign is courageous - people born under this sign are strong and fearless. They win others over with their unwavering courage and they live to take charge. Leos have a confident charm about them and they typically are athletic, loving fun and games both indoors and outdoors. This sign is devoted to what they are passionate about and have strong loyalty to those they love. They also love drama.

The Lion is the symbol of the Leo, which makes perfect sense, as Leos tend to be strong and dignified. This sense of power allows them to get things done. Having this sign on your team is very beneficial, for the Lion is eager to see projects through. These qualities also make Leos great leaders.

Leos may rub some people the wrong way however, as their fixed quality makes them quite opinionated. This may sometimes come off as overbearing and autocratic, but also makes them well organized and inspirational to others.

Being ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe, Leos view their lives that way. They see themselves as indispensable, pushing them to be outgoing and self-assured. This personality is hot, as the element of this sign is fire.

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Leos are romantic, so they very much enjoy being in love. They like to flaunt their love, and going above and beyond in romance is what they give and expect. Leos crave attention. Parters of people born under this sign must give great doses of it, but not too much, so that the Lion is always chasing it.

Though a Leo's career and family life may be stellar, friends of a Leo may cringe at their romantic choices. Leos are dramatic and so may be their love life. If a Leo's mate makes them feel like royalty, the Leo may stay, even if that mate is a loser. Leos must be aware of this, because though having a relationship is nice, this sign must choose someone that can carry their own weight.

Loyalty is also very important to Leos and they give it to their mate no matter what (unless their current partner is neglecting them attention and a dazzling new person comes along). Leos have big hearts, so their generosity and warmnth in relationships are addictive to partners. Overall, Leos must learn to find a mutual, loving, and respectful relationship in order to find stability in love.

Leos are most compatible with Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, and Libra. Read more about zodiac compatibility here.

Friends and Family

Leos are trustworthy and loyal, so they will make great sacrificies for their friends and family. They like to host events for their loved ones and their assertive personality puts people around them at ease. They do not like to be in solitude and prefer to be around others most of the time. Leos choose their friends based off of personality and morals, in which they value energy and commitment in others. Family is very important to Leos as well, and they will go far to preserve bonds with their family. They support their family and loved ones, being the most loyal and generous sign of the Zodiac.

Career and Money

In the workplace, the Leo's greatest strength is passion. Leos put great work into everything they do, and when they are passionate about a task, nothing will stop them. Their greatest challenge in their career, however, is typically teamwork. The Lion like to operate on its own, and they want to get tasks done a certain way.

In a Leos career, work is not driven by a paycheck. Leos must find a career that they love and when they do, nothing will stop them. This sign works hard and it is not uncommon for Leos to work around the clock. People born under this sign are also perfectionists to some degree, so they cannot stand team members that don't try their hardest. Leos inspire others easily with their leadship qualities, but this does not make them the easiest co-worker. They are simply very dedicated to their own vision.

It is common for Leos to change jobs multiple times in their life. They just love to meet new people and discover new ideas and challenges. A Leo will excel in a job that allows them to lead themselves and to be recognized. In terms of money, Leos love luxury. They work hard and want others to know that. Even though this sign enjoys spending money, people born under this sign can still recognize the long-term and strategize their spending decisions.

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