The Fixed Signs

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Fixed signs believe that slow and steady wins the race. They are good at working hard on projects until they are completed. This isn’t difficult for Fixed signs, for they love to do so. These people are determined, stable, and strong. They possess the persistence and patience to make it to the finish line.

Fixed signs are very self-reliant. They are powerful, yet purposeful. They don’t waste motions; they move steadily and patiently towards their objectives. These signs also have a great memory, always remembering the people that have helped them. However, Fixed signs can also be quite stubborn. They may tend to get stuck in their opinions and believe that they are always correct.

Overall, Fixed signs are persistent, reliable, and determined. They possess purpose and strength and enjoy getting the job done. Though they may refuse to budge, they produce results.

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