Pisces Rising

The rising sign, or ascendant, is the Zodiac sign that was rising eastern of the horizon when a person was born. The ascendant is known as the mask one wears when meeting new people. It takes in both appearance and personality, which is why some may identify with their ascendant more than they do with their sun sign. The rising sign represents the first personality traits people exhibit naturally or in uncomfortable situations.

If you are unsure of what your ascendant is, calculate your birth chart to determine your rising sign. Time of birth is required.

"Go with the flow" is the motto of a Pisces rising. They move about the world in a gentle, sometimes directionless way. They seem to be artists and admirers of peace; but their open minds and hearts can give them a changing persona. To others, Pisces risings may appear different from day to day. Some days they may be shy and quiet, and other days they may be passionate and talkative. They are very impressionable, possess a dreamy nature, and give off a kind-hearted personality. Pisces Ascendants view the world how they feel like it, so they may not always be very objective. Decision-making is also a bit difficult for this sign.

Individuals with Pisces rising oppose any sort of labeling – their personality is changeable, so they would prefer not to be bound at any capacity. They possess a searching, restless nature that can't be content with any restricted way of living or being. Pisces risings steer away from cold, hard truths and brutal realities at times. They don't have a definitive plan for tomorrow or even today, they like to keep things open. Since their minds are constantly changing, and love to flow with life, a lot of structure or organization can be very constraining to a Pisces rising.

Pisces Ascendants stroll around dreamily with their heads in the clouds, and even when you do have their attention, their dreaminess is frequently present.

These individuals search for a secure, reliable partnership. Pisces risings lean towards people who keep them on their toes and regularly give small details and reality checks to their partner. They usually need a down to earth, sensible mate.

Pisces Ascendants usually have a sensitivity to drugs, and sometimes have allergies that come and go. Their physical bodies are less resistant than others.

Pisces risings typically have a powerful charm that comes off in a calm way, with a delicate quality about it. Both their mannerisms and appearance are very interesting to others.

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It is important to note that the Pisces Ascendant is modified by the position of Jupiter and Neptune in a person's chart. Calculate your personal birth chart to learn more.

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