Capricorn Rising

The rising sign, or ascendant, is the Zodiac sign that was rising eastern of the horizon when a person was born. The ascendant is known as the mask one wears when meeting new people. It takes in both appearance and personality, which is why some may identify with their ascendant more than they do with their sun sign. The rising sign represents the first personality traits people exhibit naturally or in uncomfortable situations.

If you are unsure of what your ascendant is, calculate your birth chart to determine your rising sign. Time of birth is required.

Capricorn risings exude a seriousness that is undeniable. Even when they are joking around, they're still serious; their humor can be very deadpan. In fact, many exceptionally funny individuals have Capricorn Ascendants. It's all in the planning… plus they don't laugh before the joke is finished.

Capricorn Ascendants give off an air of competence. They are typically very self-aware people – their manners, clothes, and image they give off are a major ordeal to them. They need to appear successful, and for the most part, they succeed!

Frequently the Ascendant persona is the one that was constrained upon us by family molding. For instance, parents may name their Libra Ascendant the "nice" one; their Aries Ascendant the "independent" one; and their Pisces Ascendant child the "creative" one. We are familiar with these labels, and regularly carry them with us as our defense mechanisms, somehow or another, for our entire lives. On account of Capricorn Ascendants, these were the kids who were viewed as the responsible ones. Here and there, it was on their own accord that Capricorn risings decided to be the organized, reliable, and dependable individuals in the family. In this way, frequently, Capricorn risings embraced a solid feeling of custom, family, and duty at an extremely youthful age.

Capricorn risings are therefore pretty big on family and constantly stress over security for themselves and their children. Others see them as dedicated, skilled, and reliable individuals. What others may not see under that cool, even smooth, outside, is an inward battle: they frequently ask themselves, "Am I doing what's needed?", "Do I deserve my merits?", "How might I improve things?" They stress often over the future.

If achievement appears to come easy to these folks, it doesn't. They simply make it look so with their patient, dedicated, driven personality. Some Capricorn risings also practice some sort of self-denial. They know how to get rid of the negligible. Still, they'll burn through cash on clothes they really want along with other status symbols. In spite of the fact that they're rarely showy, their quiet demeanor of success is due to an actual conscious effort.

Capricorn Ascendants are basically success stories. Their childhoods may have been troublesome, but they gradually and doubtlessly turn their lives around. Saturn rules this sign, so this implies a sort of unconventional way of living in childhood. They are responsible and serious, and as they grow up, they age well, figuring out how to relax.

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It is important to note that the Capricorn Ascendant is modified by the position of Saturn in a person's chart. Calculate your personal birth chart to learn more.

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