Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn represents limitations, delays, fears, and responsibility. It determines the challenges we face in our lives that make us mature. It is associated with our careers, self-control, and leadership. Saturn forces you to build character and shows where you will be tested.

If you are unsure of what your Saturn sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Scorpio Saturn is impatient and may demand a lot from themselves and the people around them. They can be overwhelmingly intense to others. Filled with energy and willpower, they are so set on their goals that it may be difficult for them to be calm. They aren’t the type of people to lay back and relax. Rather, they go full speed in achieving their goals. However, they come off as more subtle and calculating.

Saturn in Scorpio natives may be secretive. If they are hurt, they can be unforgiving. They hate being treated unfairly. They can be possessive, resentful, or jealous, but they are also shrewd. They want to come out on the top of anything they face.

This sign fears emotional rejection and being inadequate. Because of this fear, they may overcompensate in other areas. This fear can also be self-fulfilling. They are scared of being taken advantage of. Through analyzing their true motives, Scorpio Saturn can overcome these fears and heal. This sign hides their motivations deeply. This may be due to emotional, psychological, or physic causes. By revealing their motivations, they may overcome these problems.

Saturn in Scorpio individuals search for power through covert ways. They may become involved with the occult. They work very hard to have self-control. Intense and passionate, this sign may also become deep in denial. Working through their problems will help them deal with their emotional nature.

Scorpio Saturn is resourceful, but they may also be withdrawn or vindictive. They will do better if they learn how to be responsible enough to handle the possessions of other people. This sign must learn how to be calm, thorough, and efficient. Emotional restraint will improve them

In the physical sense, Saturn in Scorpio people may have problems in the reproductive system or organs of elimination. Bowel obstructions can be an issue. Typically associated with negative energy, Scorpio Saturn must battle to overcome it if they want to succeed.

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