Saturn in Libra

Saturn represents limitations, delays, fears, and responsibility. It determines the challenges we face in our lives that make us mature. It is associated with our careers, self-control, and leadership. Saturn forces you to build character and shows where you will be tested.

If you are unsure of what your Saturn sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Libra Saturn is fair, just, refined, diplomatic, and intellectual. They prefer to cooperate rather than compete, which makes them easy to work with.

Saturn in Libra natives may not start relationships easily. Marriage may take some effort to be successful. When it comes to relationships, they may have a bit of an inferiority complex. They may unintentionally date people who are interested in getting to know them because they feel unlovable. They fear rejection and may attempt to shut themselves off. However, Saturn can stabilize Libra characteristics, which makes them more stable and decisive.

Libra Saturn wants a solid relationship, but they may break rules that they set themselves, resulting in issues with their partner. They may limit themselves because they fear that they will lose their partner. However, this sign may have no problem using a partner solely for appearances.

In order to achieve success, this sign has to learn how to related to others socially and personally. They must take responsibility for their actions in relationships. It is entirely their choice whether a relationship will be good or bad. If they are reliable, receptive, organized, and tactful, they may achieve wealth and status.

In the physical sense, Libra Saturn may experience problems with the intestine, kidneys, and lower back. This sign is not overly emotional. When they must make a decision, they can weigh the pros and cons carefully. They must find a balance between discipline and love. Patience, flexibility, and endurance are skills often implemented by them.

When everything is aligned, Libra Saturn is pleasant, caring for others, and subservient. They may be artistic or helpful to those who need the lessons. The companionship they look for gives them security and solace.

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