Saturn in Leo

Saturn represents limitations, delays, fears, and responsibility. It determines the challenges we face in our lives that make us mature. It is associated with our careers, self-control, and leadership. Saturn forces you to build character and shows where you will be tested.

If you are unsure of what your Saturn sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Leo Saturn has a strong need for recognition. It is clear that they desire leadership. They may have a lot of talent in creative fields, but it may be difficult for them to express it. They expect a lot from themselves and from others. They have discipline at home and they may consider children burdensome. They may be cautious and reserved, as well as possess a limited sense of humor.

Saturn in Leo natives may undermine their goals by undervaluing themselves. This sense of inferiority may damage the things they work towards. A lack of spontaneity and feelings of jealousy may push others away. They frequently act cold towards others in order to protect themselves emotionally. They face the challenge of connecting with others and

Leo Saturn may not feel very comfortable in the spotlight, but they are admired and loved. They are strong-willed. This sign must work on learning how to express their love to others and improve their humility. Cooperation may be a struggle for them. They also may be overcautious. Saturn in Leo natives face the challenge of properly using their creativity, ego, and personal power. They may deal with problems in parenting, romance, social life, and control. If they learn how to confront these problems, their lives will be filled with spontaneity and vitality.

Leo Saturn may experience problems of the back, spine, and heart. This may manifest itself in circulation problems or heart disease. They may be resistant to authority if they think it comes from outside of themselves. They may need to work on themselves a bit in order to grow and learn. Humbling experiences may teach them how to become a better person. Overall, this sign must learn to let go of their ego and listen to their higher self.

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