Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn represents limitations, delays, fears, and responsibility. It determines the challenges we face in our lives that make us mature. It is associated with our careers, self-control, and leadership. Saturn forces you to build character and shows where you will be tested.

If you are unsure of what your Saturn sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Aquarius Saturn has the ability to truly concentrate. They possess a scientific mind. They can be original and inventive, though a little conservative. They may think the future is bleak. They typically put their efforts toward improving society. They excel at organizing.

Saturn in Aquarius natives are good friends. They are loyal, impartial, stable, and responsible. However, it may be difficult for them to make friends. They sometimes are loners socially, though they crave being a part of a group. It is hard for them to be accepted because some give off a superiority complex.

To move past their problems, this sign may have to be honest with their feelings and admit that they are unhappy. This can be really hard for them because they have always come off as cool for being unique. They also might just stay in the background because it’s too frustrating to do anything else. This sign must realize that they can make good contributions to a group because they have a unique way of seeing things.

Aquarius Saturn requires structure in their lives, but it will be unconventional. They crave a place to share their ideas, even if they are fanciful or impractical. The big challenge they face is being fair and open to everyone. They may be impersonal, strong, and scientific, or opinionated, cold, and unloving. They may resent the things they don’t want to be told.

In order to achieve success, this sign must develop an impartial, tolerant attitude in public. They should work on their intuition and original thinking skills. Using these attributes in practical applications will bring them happiness.

In the physical sense, Saturn in Aquarius people must keep their heart and nervous and circulatory systems healthy. Blockage in circulation may lead to life-threatening conditions. Obstructions in the nervous system can lead to numbness and loss of sensation.

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