Mercury in Taurus

Mercury rules expression and communication. It tells us how we process information, how we think, and how we learn. It governs the way you prefer to communicate and whether you prefer small or big groups of people. If Taurus is your Mercury sign, that means Mercury was traveling through Taurus when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your Mercury sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Taurus Mercury takes their sweet time when making choices. They do end up making up their mind eventually, though, and can be quite stubborn once they do.

It may be a bit difficult to get a Taurus Mercury to start something new, but once you convince them, they will see the project through to the end. These people are filled with common sense and process information through their senses. When communicating, they may be a bit slower than others when getting to the point. They are simply very deliberate in all that they do.

People tend to listen to Taurus Mercury natives, as they are taken very seriously. They can be funny and a bit sarcastic. This sign doesn’t really use fluff words; they come off as realistic and authoritative.

This sign learns through demonstrations, concrete answers, and basic concepts. They enjoy practicality. They can learn in the abstract sense, but it is easier for them to absorb information if they can apply it.

These people have well-defined tastes and are quite sensual. The things they experience through the senses (color, smell, touch) affect their communication style. They also are adept in business and excel in finances.

Taurus Mercury may seem opinionated and stubborn. They are earthy - what they strive for must produce tangible results. They truly believe that slow and steady wins the race. Unlike other Mercury signs, Taurus Mercury is not restless; instead, they are grounded and steady. This keeps them grounded in reality. They have an extraordinary memory as well.

Mercury in Taurus natives have pleasant voices and possess great discipline. They could be quite talented in the arts. They strive to make things that last and reflect their deep beliefs. They also like to build new things. This sign wants to be able to show something from their hard work.

This sign will be better if they learn to be more adaptable; they don’t like being forced into fast decisions. However, Taurus Mercury could make a career out of speaking. They have melodious voices that can cover topics in detail. Their ideas are quite practical and work very well. Those that follow the advice of a Taurus Mercury are rarely sorry.

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