Mercury in Libra

Mercury rules expression and communication. It tells us how we process information, how we think, and how we learn. It governs the way you prefer to communicate and whether you prefer small or big groups of people. If Libra is your Mercury sign, that means Mercury was traveling through Libra when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your Mercury sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Libra Mercury natives are pleasing people. These individuals are natural diplomats, or at least try to be. They want everyone to be equal in their circles. It is crucial that they have a mental connection to people they have relationships with. Most of the time, if they feel like there's no connection, it's due to the fact that Mercury Libra is putting too much effort in being intellectual in relationships rather than paying attention. They crave fairness, but their numerous comparisons can seem unfair instead.

As they aim for perfection and criticize, they still try to be tactful. They always search for compromise so that everyone is content. This sign likes the middle ground of topics. They can be great mediators or counselors because of this. However, this can also make them indecisive. They can't help but weigh in both views of everything. This may result in them losing out on opportunities because they take too long to decide.

Libra Mercury natives are objective thinkers because they can think abstractly. They are intelligent in a subtle way, for they don't try to push it on others. They can't stand being the "bad guy" and will go crazy trying to make everyone happy.

This sign is great at networking with others, but due to mental laziness, they may not always follow up or maintain those connections. They will look to others for advice when they must make a decision. They have a knack for playing devil's advocate. They are well-balanced and rational. They avoid arguments.

Mercury in Libra natives are open-minded and friendly, but will stick to their beliefs when needed. They don't particularly like conflict or when people act crudely. Quickly changing situations can be hard for Libra Mercury because they aren't the fastest adapters. They would rather study an issue and then slowly come to a decision.

Libra Mercury natives like literature and the arts. Culture is quite important to them. If they are not expressive in the arts themselves, they take joy in supporting others that are. They may not enjoy viewing the dark parts of life and may seem a bit shallow.

Mercury in Libra individuals are fun at parties. They are warm, easy-going, and charming. They may be talented at speaking or performing in some sorts. They must learn that it is alright to disagree with others. Once they understand that, life becomes a lot easier for them. Writing comes naturally to this sign and they are talented at blending ideas. Overall, they work pretty well with everyone.

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