Mercury in Leo

Mercury rules expression and communication. It tells us how we process information, how we think, and how we learn. It governs the way you prefer to communicate and whether you prefer small or big groups of people. If Leo is your Mercury sign, that means Mercury was traveling through Leo when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your Mercury sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Leo Mercury natives speak with authority and style. They may come off as know-it-alls, but they honestly just want to share their knowledge with others. They are great at seeing the big picture, but details may be missed in turn. These people may be quite persuasive, as they speak with warmth and goodwill. They understand how to get their messages across and promote their ideas.

This sign takes pride in their beliefs and thus hold their opinions very dear. They can be idealistic. Leo Mercury natives have a strong intellect and take joy in expressing themselves. Creativity is very important to this sign. They are good at presenting themselves with style and drama. Enthusiastic and passionate when communicating, Mercury Leo can successfully get their point across.

Leo in Mercury natives may be sensitive to anything that they view as less than praise. They can seem arrogant because of their natural detachment. These people have their egos tied to their intellect, which may make it hard for them to distinguish from fact and fiction. Some may think they are boastful.

Leo Mercury people are great at telling stories because their drama is well-developed. Public speaking and performing are excellent outlets for their creativity. They have a strong sense of purpose and a will to stick to it.

These people are natural leaders and their charisma make others inclined to follow them. This sign can be stubborn, especially if crossed. They focus on following their passions, acting spontaneously often.

Leo Mercury natives make friends easily in social situations due to their contagious warmth. When they are interested in the potential of someone, they focus their attention on the development of that potential. If they don't fully believe in a project, it shows. They are quick-witted and take very intuitive risks. Disagreements may be taken personally by them, since all that they do is attached to their ego. They want recognition for their ideas, so it is hard for them to participate in group activities or brainstorming.

If there's the opportunity for the spotlight, Leo Mercury natives will jump at it. They love to soak up glory. They are rarely boring and may exaggerate occasionally. Nevertheless, they are convincing and entertaining. They are great teachers because they can enthrall their students no matter what age. Aside from performing, they also excel in coaching, politics, or other leadership positions. They do not like work where they don't have a say in decisions or any creative input.

Leo Mercury natives must be careful of intolerance, fake pride, and requiring praise for all that they do. However, they do deserve admiration for a good portion of the time.

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