Mercury in Cancer

Mercury rules expression and communication. It tells us how we process information, how we think, and how we learn. It governs the way you prefer to communicate and whether you prefer small or big groups of people. If Cancer is your Mercury sign, that means Mercury was traveling through Cancer when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your Mercury sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Cancer Mercury natives can be sensitive and withdrawn. They are quite thoughtful of others and their feelings. They may be shy or choose not to talk often. They can respond slowly, coming off as a deep thinker, which very well may be the case. They tend to meditate on problems and reflect on experiences.

Mercury in Cancer people are excellent listeners and make decisions quicker than it seems. They also have a great memory, especially if it has to do with emotions. They come off as intuitive, sentimental, and gentle individuals. They may seem defensive at times, as they can take things quite personally. At the same time, Cancer Mercury natives make others feel warm and safe. It may seem like they are hiding secrets even when they aren't, which can result in a bit of trouble for this sign.

Cancer Mercury natives learn best when they feel emotionally balanced. They can remember extensive information and prefer to focus on single subjects, approaching problems step-by-step. They are empathetic individuals and can thus sense the feelings of others easily. They are skilled at putting themselves in the place of others.

Mercury in Cancer natives do not enjoy arguing. They will typically go out of their way to avoid it. However, they are also good at starting arguments. They do so in a subtle way and then feel hurt when others fight back.

This sign is attracted to poetry and old romance. They may withdraw for some time when faced with a decision, for it helps them clear their mind and figure out their opinions without the influence of others. They get frustrated with distractions and prefer to focus on the matters at hand. They are excellent speakers and writers, for they have a knack for being able to feel out an audience.

Mercury in Cancers are quite intuitive. It is hard for them to be objective. They learn most efficiently through experience and can be very receptive to subliminal messages. They appreciate history and its artifacts. These people might enjoy working in a museum. Cancer Mercury natives are loyal and patriotic people.

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