Mecury in Aries

Mercury rules expression and communication. It tells us how we process information, how we think, and how we learn. It governs the way you prefer to communicate and whether you prefer small or big groups of people. If Aries is your Mercury sign, that means Mercury was traveling through Aries when you were born.

If you are unsure of what your Mercury sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

People with Mercury in Aries think quickly. They don’t have much patience for studying every bit of a problem; they’d prefer to make a decision and then let you know. Direct and candid, these people get to the point. They may come off as aggressive or crude occasionally, due to the fact that they try to refute opposition to their ideas. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and like a child, they don’t realize that people may disagree with them, so they may act out of frustration. This sign is quite attached to their ideas.

Mercury in Aries people lean towards streamlined learning so that they aren’t too bogged down in small details. They are skilled in dismissing what they think are irrelevant details. Aries Mercury natives also have an innocent charm to them. They enjoy starting new things and can be quite enthusiastic. They take negative criticism very personally, even if it was not meant in that sense.

Aries Mercury tend to jump quickly between old and new ideas if they seem more enticing. They are very skilled at promoting things. They have a way of motivating people and making things sound fun. Competition is enjoyed by this sign, so they may argue a point just for fun.

This sign is mentally astute. However, obstacles may prove very frustrating for them. Aries Mercury is known for impatience. Long periods of concentration may also be hard for this sign because of this. They can be impulsive and it is easy for them to jump to conclusions quickly. Inventive and witty, they are great conversationalists as long as it doesn’t require delving deep into details of a subject. They may be brutally honest at times, despite their charm.

Aries Mercury will typically do practically anything to win an argument. They can be a know-it-all if this is not controlled. However, they may also inspire others with their confidence. They are original and may stand out in the areas they focus on. A challenge for Mercury Aries is that they must learn to love details and see projects through.

Overall, Mercury in Aries natives are quick to share their opinions, even if these opinions are not wanted. They seem to be restless all the time, full of nervous energy. This sign must keep busy and they don’t ever seem to have much time to spare. They take pride in doing things their own way and don’t appreciate being told what to do. Aries Mercury natives can be exceptional leaders and may have a handful of followers. The enthusiasm and excitement they radiate inspires others.

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