Mars in Taurus

The Mars sign represents your deep primal energy. It is the assertive, driving force behind your actions. It defines your instincts, aggression, and sexuality.

If you are unsure of what your Mars sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Taurus Mars natives are focused on their goals, no matter how much time it will take to achieve them. Though they are typically calm and easygoing, they may get angry when provoked beyond what they can handle. They usually resemble security and strength. They may collect material possessions and need to feel financially stable. They have the patience to focus on what they want.

Mars in Taurus people are good at not overworking themselves. Once they decide to work on something, it is hard to change their mind. Similarly, if you’re in a rush, they won’t feel the need to keep up with you. They like to keep their pace the same.

This sign is dependable, reliable, and practical. They may be stubborn, which is very frustrating for others. It may be taken to an immature level sometimes. They enjoy building things, creating art, and pleasures of the senses. Possession is important to this sign, and they may be a bit jealous in relationships.

Taurus Mars show confidence, passion, and integrity. They are good at things that require endurance and discipline.

In relationships, this sign is pretty straightforward. They like affection. They don’t care much for fantasies and they take their time. Foreplay was basically invented by this sign. They consider sex a necessity. They require a partner that can relax.

Taurus Mars people go with the flow. They are great at creating high-quality things and may even have a good career from something that involves that.

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