Mars in Capricorn

The Mars sign represents your deep primal energy. It is the assertive, driving force behind your actions. It defines your instincts, aggression, and sexuality.

If you are unsure of what your Mars sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Capricorn Mars want to be in control of their life. They have determination, but they keep it low-key. They want to be on top of everything in their life. They set goals for themselves and focus on accomplishing them. They are ambition and don’t come off as flamboyant. They will do whatever it takes to succeed because they want to be secure.

When this sign is angry, it is in a level-headed, cool way. They have self-control in every aspect of their lives. They fear losing control, so it may be hard for this sign to loosen up.

Mars in Capricorn natives are materialistic. They enjoy physical things. They are very practical, setting realistic goals. This sign is very productive and likes to produce tangible results.

Capricorn Mars is dependable. They work very hard, some may even become workaholics. They want recognition and status for their hard work. This sign can make a profit from almost anything they put their minds to. They can be skeptical to new ideas and it may be hard to get them to break old habits. They may be pessimistic and come off as too serious.

Mars in Capricorn people have a strong libido. They like sensual experiences, but this is hidden by their conservative manner. Once they do break down their walls, however, they are not a disappointment. They don’t rush - instead, they take their time and enjoy the moment. Straightforward and conventional, they give a lot to their partner, expecting the same in return. They also aren’t very into experimenting with new things. They like to stay conventional and appreciate discretion. This sign craves the security of a long-term relationship. If a Capricorn Mars is very focused on their career, they may suppress sexual urges just to stop from distraction. They have quite a bit of endurance.

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