Mars in Aries

The Mars sign represents your deep primal energy. It is the assertive, driving force behind your actions. It defines your instincts, aggression, and sexuality.

If you are unsure of what your Mars sign is, calculate your birth chart to determine it.

Aries Mars is impulsive. They have a short temper, but their anger does not last very long. This sign doesn’t hold grudges. When listening to their gut, they may good decisions and finish things quickly. They don’t usually listen to the input of others. They are sporadic.

Mars in Aries is usually ahead of others. They feel restless if their lives become predictable. They thrive on fresh, new ideas. This sign loves a good challenge. They are very exciting in a relationship, but may move too quickly. It may be difficult to keep them enthusiastic after awhile.

Aries Mars will be irritated if people are slow or beat around the bush. They may be impatient and rude. This sign works best on their own. They don’t like opposition, though they have natural leadership traits. They may be emotionally demanding. Mars in Aries is courageous and will strive to achieve their goals.

This sign may lack patience and discipline. They have to learn continence. They also may be aggressive, selfish, and accident prone.

Aries Mars is passionate about everything. They may not be the most affectionate people, but they radiate energy. They are very physical; they want to get right to the action rather than build up to it. Compromise is not very common for this sign.

Mars in Aries natives love competition and arguments. They want to do great things, but sometimes don’t take enough time to prepare for it. They give everything they have until there’s nothing left. They rush into things that others would fear to tread.

This sign has strong sexual desires. They love the chase. They enjoy taking risks in relationships and games. They may have trouble letting others what their needs are. Aries Mars may also not be too sensitive to their partner. Long-term relationships may be hard.

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