Saturn Saturn

Energy: Masculine
House: Tenth, Eleventh
Changes sign every 2-3 years

As the taskmaster of the zodiac, Saturn doesn’t necessarily make things easy. This planet pushes us to get to work and makes us work hard. Responsibility and discipline are both ruled by Saturn.

Saturn entreats us to pay attention to the clock. Do we have enough time to accomplish all that we want, or are limits present? Limitations are associated with Saturn, and we must learn to control them. This planet brings us restrictions, whether it be in a form of discipline or delay.

As Saturn is connected to time, this planet governs old age and the lessons that we learn over time. It serves as a teacher, teaching us important life lessons. The concept of old age also is related to conventionality, authority, tradition, and wisdom, so Saturn is associated with those topics as well.

Order, structure, and the methods that we go about things are all government by Saturn. The reining of assets and contraction are also notable with this planet. Lastly, being a teacher, Saturn is associated with karma and what lessons our past experiences will bring.

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