Pluto Pluto

Energy: Masculine
Sign: Scorpio
House: Eighth
Changes sign every 12-31 years

Pluto may have a subtle energy, but its results are immensely powerful. This planet is all about transformation, rebirth, and regeneration. It isn’t necessarily pretty, but it does get done. Pluto wants to get rid of the old and bring in the new. If we don’t receive it well, however, this planet will make us miserable. Pluto entreats us to transform the world we know, redeem ourselves throughout the process, and leave stronger when we finish.

Though Pluto creates (and recreates, as it rules the reproductive system), this planet also destroys. It governs death, destruction, obsession, kidnapping, coercion, waste, and viruses. Similarly, the underworld, crime, and subversive activity (dictatorships, terrorism) are all associated with Pluto. This planet is related to secrecy and the undercover, hidden from our view.

The power and intensity of Pluto are undeniable. Its energy affects the masses, ruling what people as a whole will do. Pluto asks the masses to search inward and understand what is there. This can be scary, but Pluto doesn’t hesitate. This planet tells the story of good vs. evil, pushing our buttons.

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