Neptune Neptune

Energy: Feminine
Sign: Pisces
House: Twelfth
Changes sign every 14 years

As Neptune has a very slow orbit, this planet affects generations of people rather than individuals. The glyph of Neptune is the trident of Poseidon, ruler of the seas. Like the oceans, this planet is very fluid and changeable. Illusions, dreams, and abstract thoughts are all associated with Neptune.

Spirituality, and how we harness it to our benefit, is ruled by Neptune. This planet entreats us to let this energy wash over us and use a meditative disposition to heighten our awareness. Music, dance, and poetry are among the activities that Neptune favors.

There is also a showy side to Neptune, as it rules television, movies, theater, and other forms of art. Overall, Neptune creates the illusion of what captivates us. This planet is mysterious, not showing itself easily. It may be deceptive, meddling in flattery as well as destruction.

The shadowy part of Neptune relates to alcohol, drugs, and other forms of escape. The energy of this planet is associated with escapism from the dark parts of reality. Similarly, dreams and sleep are ruled by Neptune.

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