Mars Mars

Energy: Masculine
Sign: Aries, Scorpio
House: First, Eighth
Changes sign every 6-7 weeks

Mars is all about action, energy, passion, determination, and drive. This planet commands us to stand up and take action. Overall, Mars is associated with power and our confident expressions.

Competition and ambition fall within Mars’ field. In all circumstances, Mars pushes us to face challenges and be the best. Aggression is the main part of this plan, but this planet also puts an emphasis on honor and courage. Fearlessness and assertion concern Mars.

It’s also important to note that the energy of Mars can be constructive or destructive. In ancient times, the God of War was relentlessly violent at times. Though Mars gives off this energy, it also asks us to use this force for good. Ambition, stamina, and achievement all fall within Mars’ realm.

Similarly, Mars also rules weapons, accidents, surgery, and sexuality. Overall, if Mars’ energy is used properly, it can be quite useful.

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